Eurocreme studio - Raw Courage with Alex Stevens

Dutch adult film studio Eurocreme sharpens this observation by following the hearts of the young men whose countries conscript them into military service, where they must endure long periods of group showers, tightly packed sleeping quarters, strenuous workouts and dominant work relationships.

All this pretty much means six scenes of barebacking and sexual frolic to the point that their military fatigues are no longer needed to reach the point of fatigue.

Eurocreme's star bottomboy for this movie gets box cover placement, the adorable Alex Stevens. His smile could melt an iceberg in the Alps. (Are there any left?) And if his smile doesn't do the job, his hot hole certainly will. However, viewers of Raw Courage will have to wait until the film's last episode to see Stevens strut his stuff.

In the movie, scruffy faced muscle guy Leon Ramon sits, observes and fantasizes about all the manly sexcapades going on around him his at army unit.

The first scene shows blond Andrew Shut showering off with Rob Rain. After training, they decompress outside an abandoned building, where they disrobe each other in a sweaty frenzy. Speaking of sweat, fans of sweating guys will enjoy the perspiring skin of the models; it actually looks like they filmed outdoors during hot Summer days.

Shut and Rain suck each other off, bring each one to orgasm. (Shut shoots his goo into Rain's hair) Their action ends with oral, but fortunately both appear later in the film to "go all the way."

After this, spunky twink Chicky Grand orders Thomas Wolf through a difficult patch of exercise. Waving around his gun, their frolic results in Wolf's pants off and leg raised high so Grand's thick cock slides in all the way.

Wolf plays a hard working bottom. He has to jack himself off while riding Grand's cock, as well as blow the top's cock to get him off. As in most of the sexual footage in Raw Courage, the guys keep their military boots on.

The sex goes indoors next, when handsome newcomer John Many visits the doctor on base. Although little is done to create a clinic atmosphere, the attending physician is thick dicked Jay Gregory, who Eurocreme fans last remember seeing him in Raw Meat, in which his boyfriend electrocutes him with a running hair dryer while sitting in a full bathtub of water.

Gregory gives Many a clean bill of health and throws his legs up into the air so a rousing show of fucking in the missionary position. Their sex is highlighted by frequent views of the bottom taking it from the top's perspective. Gregory ultimately cums on his own leg while getting plowed.

After this, the returning Rob Rain and Igor Gould get horned up listening to the sexual sounds of Andrew Shut and Collin Richardson over their military radio. Both couples enjoy heated cock sucking in their own quarters. Finally blondie Shut gets his boy hole stuffed full, bent over a table which has large colorful maps laid out over it.

Richardson is a big dicked stud who also topped in Bareback Road Trip, and when the four guys join forces, he sticks his cock into Gould as well. Meanwhile, Shut hops onto his buddy Rain's big gun for a long ride.

The guys all end up cumming on Shut, who makes quite the little cum rag.

The two best scenes of Raw Courage appear at the end. Nikandro Sideropolus (Sleazy Riders), clearly one of the sexiest tops working in Europe at the moment, takes a shower with Georgio Black and the boyish Jerry Holly.

The guys notice Holly checking out their cocks, causing them to bend the boy over a top him. Holly's butt looks incredible, and lots of perspective camera angles from the top's perspective getting it doggie style make this scene difficult to get through in one sitting.

When it comes to be Black's turn, Holly gets laid out over the top of a barrel.

This action draws the attention of Kamil Fox and narrator Leon Ramon over. They end up creaming the face and mouth of Holly, who takes their cum down on his knees.

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Heat Wave

There is a HEAT WAVE hitting New York City and all of the men are dripping wet with sweat and sex! An all-star cast steams up the summer with their smoldering bodies drenched from fucking. From ass eating in the bay to outdoor shower hookups and pool side sex, every iconic city hot spot is overrun by hot-blooded men with a fever to fuck! Starring Spencer Reed, Junior Stellano, Rafael Alencar, Zach Alexander, Parker London, Rod Daily, Patrick Logan, Jeremy Bilding, John Magnum, and Adam Killian.

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Jesse Santana - Just add Water

Jesse Santana in a man sandwich
[...] Jesse Santana our cover boy of the film is totally turned on by the show the two guys just gave poolside. He is standing by the door stroking his large cut cock when Jason White comes up to give him a hand. Both guys are slimly muscular with taut abs and dark hair and smooth bodies. They kiss and jack each other before Jason kneels to get a taste of Jesse's tool. Then its Jesses turn to repay the favor and he stretches his mouth around Jasons ginormous cock. Its at least 9.5 inches and super thick. They move to a large ottoman and 69 for a bit with Jason taking some time to rim Jesses hole.

Nickolay walks in and sees whats going on and decides to join in. Nickolay looks Greek or Italian to me. With an olive skin tone, defined muscular body and yet another large cut cock. Nick gets his cock sucked by Jesse before sliding it up Jesses chute while Jesse and Jason still 69. Jesse wants to fuck so while Jason is on his back Jesse takes up position and slides his cock home in Jasons hole and Nickolay does the same to Jesses hole making him the Meat in a man sandwich.

Afterwards Nick becomes window dressing jacking on the side as Jesse and Jason who are so into each other focus just on themselves. Taking turns fucking each other. Jesse eventually cums on his own abs with a good sized load. Nickolay sprays next with a hefty load of his own followed by Jason whos load covers Jesse from his pubes up to his face. Jesse looks like he got caught in a cum storm...[...]


KC & Billy's Wild Adventures

KC & Billy's Wild Adventures
Well, the obsession with reality TV had to make to porn sometime, and K.C. and Billy's Wild Adventures is a case in point: deliciously muscled K.C. and beautiful, square-jawed Billy are boyfriends, and the bareback antics they get up to together and with some of their friends makes this a pretty darn good video even if you didn't like Survivor.

In the first scene, we get to see K.C. and Billy enjoy one another's long, lithe, tanned young bodies. K.C. is the first to oil up and plug his sizable dick into Billy, and then Billy returns the favor. K.C. cums on Billy?s butt, and then he jerks Billy off onto his face.

Next, three of the boys' friends mess around on some stairs, enjoying a little oral and even a little anal pleasure, before all three of them retreat to the nearest sofa to jerk off next to each other.
Scenes three and four star all five lads. In both scenes, there is much anal action, although in four, K.C. and Billy tend only to fuck one another. In scene five, K.C., Billy, Cody, and Elijah shoot their 18-year-old wads all over Hayden, who cums all over himself as a result.